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The world’s first frictionless Web3 Social Gaming Platform.

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One Avatar,
Endless Gameplay

Super Snappy is a Web3 platform which offers free, multiplayer games to play with friends; plus user profiles, friend finder, groups, clans, achievements, NFT marketplace; plus Avatar, video, voice and text messaging, and more.

Premium Experience, Free

Highly polished, multiplayer, turn based and async games; leaderboards, tournaments, and more

Avatars & Chat

Video, text and voice chat with your friends; make new friends while playing games

Meet Your Pets

Hatch them, upgrade them, and trade them (NFT)! When you take good care of your Pet, they provide passive bonuses or have active powers.
In some games, you play as the Pet itself!

Get Your T.O.Y

Every player get’s a T.O.Y (Thinking Of You) device. The T.O.Y has an AI chat bot that can load cartridges and works as a vault (wallet) for digital assets. Cartridges contain games, boosters and loot, and can be unlocked through gameplay and purchased on the shop.

Meet $SUPR
On Presale Soon

$SUPR is the digital currency of Super Snappy, an ERC-20 Token based on the Ethereum blockchain

$SUPR instant token

Own Your Space

Build, manage, decorate, expand, and trade (NFT)

Call It Home

The Space is your personal Avatar chat domain. When people wanna come talk to you (in Avatar world), they appear in your Space.

Make It Yours

You can customize and buy assets to decorate your Space, spending $SUPR.

Your Neighbors

Spaces are grouped into Neighborhoods depending on the games you play. Go out there and make friends!

Premium Games, Free

Super Snappy is built with a philosophy of zero-friction. All games are premium quality, free, and can be played just one click away, without additional sign ins or installs.

Play Everywhere

The Web3 Social Gaming Platform where friends can play just a link away - no additional installs. Play it on web, mobile (Android, iOS), desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and consoles (PS5, XBox, Nintendo)

The Team

After becoming the #1 games provider for Snap Games, we’re in a unique position to disrupt the Web3 Social Gaming space - and make the 'metaverse' of casual gaming happen sooner than anyone had anticipated.

  • Yohami Zerpa

    Yohami Zerpa

    Founder, CEO and Creative Director
    20+ years of experience in social / casual game development, with 200+ titles shipped
    Created TOY Engine and ConquerOS Backend (proprietary to Super Snappy)
    Ex FRVR
  • Joseph Wilcox

    Joseph Wilcox

    CTO / Technical Director
    Veteran UE game developer with 30+ years of experience
    Created the MOTOR Engine (proprietary to Super Snappy)
  • Tim X. Brackrock

    Tim X. Brackrock

    Angel / Seed Investor
    24 years in IT and financial industry
    Ex-Deutsche Börse Group M&A
    MBA Goethe/Fuqua Duke
  • Garrett Billian

    Garrett Billian

    Associate Game Director
  • George Elhabr

    George Elhabr

    Producer / Project Manager
  • Lewis Fiford

    Lewis Fiford

    Assistant Technical Director
  • Denis Protsenko

    Denis Protsenko

    Principal Programmer
  • Stiven iLarraza

    Stiven iLarraza

    Generalist Developer
  • Stefan Vasilev

    Stefan Vasilev

    Senior Programmer
  • Garibaldy Mukti

    Garibaldy Mukti

    Backend Developer
  • Alexander Emeliyanov

    Alexander Emeliyanov

    PlayCanvas Developer
  • Leonidas Maliokas

    Leonidas Maliokas

    PlayCanvas Developer
  • Andrei Rudenko

    Andrei Rudenko

    Art Director
  • Felix Cabrita

    Felix Cabrita

    Junior Programmer
  • Syeda Ambreen

    Syeda Ambreen

    Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Denmark De Nieva

    Denmark De Nieva

    Technical Animator
  • Eduardo Araujo

    Eduardo Araujo

    3D Generalist Artist
  • Mauro Ferreyra

    Mauro Ferreyra

    Senior 2D Artist
  • Alexander Frunze

    Alexander Frunze

    2D Artist
  • Duarte Hilário

    Duarte Hilário

  • Tobgy


    Senior Game Artist
  • Wildan


    3D Illustrator

The Roadmap

A quick look at the key milestones of Super Snappy

Checkmark Pre production
checkmark Backend, smart contracts
Plane Game
2023 Q2
• Private soft launch with a handful of games
• $SUPR Token IDO
2023 Q3
• Open soft launch
• Desktop and mobile apps soft launch
• More games
• Playstation / Xbox launch
• More games!


You have questions? We have answers!

Traditional messenger apps try to solve the problem “how do people talk to each other”, while Super Snappy solves the problem “how do people PLAY with one another while being able to also talk to each other within the same app”.
Super Snappy is not a game but a platform that hosts many games you can immediately play. Super Snappy comes with a strong backend that takes care of all the social features. As such, any game can be launched and hosted on Super Snappy, without being limited by the rules or aesthetics of a sandbox type environment.
We’ll have many classic games like Pool, Bowling, Match 3, Sports, Puzzle, Tower Defense, Tripeaks, Chess, Mahong and dozens, dozens more, along with some unique, fresh game ideas. Each game is an actual polished and finished game, like what you would find on the app stores today, thought from start to finish to be the best in it’s category. However, you can play it with one click, — without downloads, installs or account registration.
Yes. Super Snappy and games hosted directly in it will be free, forever. To sustain itself, Super Snappy has an ingame Premium currency / $SUPR, Subscriptions, and Rewarded Ads.
Traditional messenger apps try to solve a different problem (s. Q1) and only later added games. Super Snappy solves the gamers’ problem directly by offering a Web3 Social Gaming Platform built specifically for players, and frictionless, multiplayer, premium, free. The HTML5 technology revolution that will establish the post-app store age has been many years in the making and, with many platforms attempting to capitalize on the technology. As a leading HTML5 game studio, we are in the unique position to actually be able to deliver the platform - we have the know-how, our own tech stack and no conflict of interest to see this through.
We’ll develop the first batch of games in-house, and slowly open to third party developers as the platform matures. That said: If you’re a developer and looking for a collaboration, get in touch at
We’re preparing on all fronts and will be updating soon.

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More Information?

Find it in our Litepaper, the official documentation, help resources of Super Snappy and the $SUPR Tokenomics.




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